A Deeper Look into the Russian Start-up Ecosystem

February 4, 2014

Which events and acceleration programs targeted at assisting start-ups do you consider useful? How difficult is it to build lines of communication between local and foreign mentors and investors? What impediments to growth and financing do you see from your vantage point on the inside? What products are you gambling on, and how would you evaluate your own company’s prospects?

Analytics from Compass, a Californian company famous for its Startup Genome report and system for comparing tech project indicators, are doing a crowdsurfing-based study and working on acquiring the answers to those questions from the company founders themselves, in order to:

  • Provide the Russian start-up ecosystem with an independent assessment
  • Give the ecosystem publicity and unravel it for an audience of foreign investors and talented specialists looking for work in start-ups
  • Compare it with the US, Israeli, and EU ecosystems, for which Compass already has the relevant information

The study’s first stage is underway:

Any and all company founders are welcome to talk about their companies by filling out the online survey.

Representatives of more than 100 teams, including Dreamroomer, winner at TC Moscow 2013; ApperCode, winner at Generation S; and Westudy.in, finalist at DEMO Europe, have posted information about themselves here.

The final presentation will contain generalized information compiled from the profiles of 1000 companies. Importantly, no information about specific organizations will be published.

All projects who participate in the survey will be able to compare their business indicators with

competitors from other countries via free access to Compass Business Benchmarking, which already includes information gathered from 30,000 tech companies around the world.

“According to a Kauffmann study published in 2010, start-ups have become the fundamental driver for global economic growth. However, their success in turn depends to a large degree on the condition of the start-up environment in each specific country,” says Compass representative Florian Schulze. “We hope this initiative will end up being a powerful push for the development of your ecosystem, showing it with more transparency, such that investors will not be afraid to invest in Russia, while also allowing all market players to evaluate the effectiveness of their own companies with the support of innovative businesses.”

Analogous studies are being run in a number of other countries this year, as well.

The project is being conducted with the support of RusBase and the Digital October Center.

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