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On June 26th and 27th, the Digital October Center will host an event featuring presentations from 125 experts and innovators in the fields of IT, finance, design, publishing, and advertising, as well as many others. Together, they’ll attempt to answer the question, “What’s in store for the world of tomorrow?”

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Important September 19, 2013

Knowledge Stream. In web we trust

Is our intellect evolving at the same pace as the proliferation of knowledge and technology? On September 19 Stevan Harnad, an expert in the field of cognitive science and professor at the universities of Quebec and Southampton, answered that question at the Digital October Center.

Important September 13, 2013

The Brand Tales

Trusted by Richard Branson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others of the brightest stars and projects of our day to mold their message, Maarten Schäfer and Anouk Pappers, authors of Around the World in 80 Brands, gave a lecture coupled with a master class using stories that will be sure to inspire.

Important August 19, 2013

We Need a New Consensus

Adam Smith would turn over in his grave if he saw Wall Street today, according to American economist, Laurence Brahm who is economic advisor to the Chinese government, and founder of social enterprise Shambhala Serai.  On August 19 he discussed the Himalayan Consensus as a new economic paradigm and how it may be the key to building a new global financial architecture to cope with the current global crisis of inequity and climate change.

Important August 12, 2013

Dancing With a Purpose

They teach dance to criminals, to homeless children, to the unemployed, to the disabled – in other words, to the people whom society has written off as hopeless cases.  And it works. On August 12th, guests of the Digital October Center haв the chance to hear a lecture from Carly Annable-Coop, director of Dance United, a British program that uncovers a person’s potential through rhythm and movement.

Important July 17, 2013

Thinking of the Universe as a Quantum Computer

He believes that the universe is one gigantic computer, and that therefore there is somebody behind it. On July 17 Knowledge Stream hosted a pioneer in the creation of quantum computers, MIT Professor Seth Lloyd.

Important July 15, 2013

Roy Glauber: Looking Back on the Nuclear Age and Los Alamos

On July 15th, Harvard University Professor Roy Glauber gave a speech at the Digital October Center. At the age of 18, he worked on the first nuclear bomb, at 38, he brought about a revolution in quantum optics, and at 80, he was awarded a Nobel Prize.

Important June 27, 2013

Authentic Leadership with Mark Rittenberg

On June 27 the Digital October Center hosted a master class featuring Mark Rittenberg, expert in the field of leadership, owner of a consulting company, developer of a unique program for increasing employee loyalty called “Brand Ambassador Projects,” and author of the original method he terms “Active communication."

Important June 24, 2013

Knowledge Stream: Constructor of the Impossible

On June 24 the Digital October Center hosted the well-known British theoretical physicist and originator of the idea for the quantum processor, David Deutsch. He presented his newest big idea: the fundamental “constructor theory,” one which is able to explain everything around us from a position new to physics.

Important June 24, 2013

A Conversation with Daphne Koller

On June 24 guests of the Digital October Center were presented with the unique opportunity to informally chat with a legend in the world of online education: Stanford professor Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera.org.

Important June 19, 2013

The Big Picture: “Development 2013: A Growing Point”

On June 19th, the Digital October Center hosted the second conference in The Big Picture cycle, a partner project with the Kommersant publishing house. This series brings together the leaders of a particular field in order to discuss the key changes, prospects, and recent achievements of that industry.

Important June 10, 2013

Business: Full Speed Ahead

On June 10 the Digital October Center hosted the creator of systems streamlining the solution implementation process at RIM/BlackBerry and Bank of America and a big data specialist, Dr. Bjarne Berg. He gave a talk about new approaches to the search for business models, strategic planning and high-speed, real-time business analytics.

Important May 31, 2013

Knowledge Stream: Where Will Robots Learn?

On May 31 the Digital October Center presented a brand-new collaborative effort with IBS: a cycle of lectures focused on tomorrow’s remote technology. The creator of the first robot with a web interface, the UC Professor Ken Goldberg discussed cloud robotics, something that is bringing us closer to the day when everyone will have their own personal robot.


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