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Anthony Garrett Lisi. An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

May 21, 2012, 20:00 lecture


On the 21st of May, at the Digital October center, as part of the Knowledge Stream project, a teleconference with the prominent researcher, Anthony Garrett Lisi, took place. He presented his “Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything”.

Lisi, an American theoretical physicist, officially does not work with any institution. This free artist, peeking through the eyes of Schrodinger’s cat, lives on the island of Maui, exploring the world of elementary particles through the prism of deferential geometry and, in his free time, surfing and snowboarding.

Anthony discusses physics in simple terms without complicated formulas, using, for example, corals as a model. His approach to research is more reminiscent of a modern startup than the physics laboratories typically portrayed in films with their voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and hadron colliders. While travelling in his RV, Lisi has engaged in scientific research and preached a new type of research institution: scientific hostels – large houses, located in the beautiful corners of the world, where scholars can live and work via the Internet.

Lisi’s personal contribution to science is the development of the “E8 Theory”, based on the Lie group, E8 and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Lisi’s theory is interesting due to its simplicity and its brevity. At its basis lies unified field theory, which unites all know interactions in nature in one single theory. Anthony visualized his ideas and created the application “Elementary Particle Explorer”. The publication of “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything” on November 6, 2007 caused mixed reactions and was quite controversial because even the most famous scientists have tried, and have been unable, to formulate a unified field theory.


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Principal research associate of OIYaI (Dubna)
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Moderator, scientific observer of Scientific American magazine
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Associate professor of theoretical physics of physical faculty of the MSU

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