Genesis Moscow Conference 2017

September 22, 2017, 10:00 conference

On the 22nd of September Genesis Moscow Conference took place and the best speakers of the global blockchain community provided insight into the application of blockchain in business, its regulatory status, security and privacy, as well as research and current trends. 

Such leaders of the blockchain community as listed below spoke at Digital October:

Alexander Chepurnoy
Alexander Chepurnoy, Blockchain researcher at IOHK and founder of the Ergo project, will discuss current and future trends in blockchain research and development.

Tim Draper
Tim Draper, founder and Managing Partner at Draper Associates, and VC investor. Expect to hear his thoughts on the role of VC’s in the era of crowdfunding campaigns though the use of cryptocurrencies.

Alexander Ivanov
Sasha Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves Platform and dedicated advocate of blockchain for business. Expect an insight into the integration of the crypto-economy with traditional financial systems.

Dmitry Khovratovich
Dmitry Khovratovich, Security Researcher at University of Luxembourg, will deliver a talk on the security of blockchains.

Patrick McCorry
Patrick McCorry, Research Associate at University College London, who specialises in cryptography and decentralised systems.

Michael Perklin
Michael Perklin, expert in digital forensic examination and cyber investigation and Chief Information Security at ShapeShift, will discuss the past and present of blockchain technology and share his vision of the future, as well as issues surrounding security and privacy.

Vlad Zamfir
Vlad Zamfir, blockchain developer at the Ethereum Foundation, will deliver a talk on the social impact of blockchain technology.

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