Blockchain Weekend

March 18 – 19, 2017, 10:00 seminar

On February 18-19, will host a two-day training course in which you will learn when customers will move to virtual money, why the notary stamp will become a rudiment and how the blockchain will protect you and your business from fraud.

Why the blockchain is useful

  • It makes the contracts transparent Where to apply: retail, logistics, energy Blockchain allows us to trace the path of goods from producer to supermarket shelves, cargo from the warehouse to the customer, the electricity from the solar panels to the consumer.
  • It optimizes and automatiseret processes Where used: banks, public authorities. Blockchain will get rid of unnecessary paperwork and reduce the cost of bookkeeping, notaries and lawyers, allowing you to automatically and accurately verify the information from the partner at the stage of preparation of the contract or agreement.
  • He organizes and maintains big data Where implemented: banks, medicine Blockchain allows to unify the major registries and databases, to achieve standardization in the workflow, and save time and effort of employees.
  • It saves time when identifying a person's Where to apply: banks, travel. The transition to the identification codes will allow you to get rid of inspection of documents in airports and at the border, checks of borrowers in banks without compromising of personal data of the person.
  • It protects the copyright Where to apply: social media, culture Blockchain allows you to protect and deliver the reader untouched text, video and audio content hosted on the Network, to associate the author and the reader directly, bypassing the rudiments in the face of editors, music labels and publishers.


What we teach

Business optimization

You will learn how the introduction of the blockchain allows you to reduce costs in the bookkeeping and paperwork, process the transaction and record the documents.


Learn the "materiel" and understand what smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and distributed database.

The technological base

Master the technical and IT aspects, you need to get started with the technology of the blockchain.

Successful cases

Get to know the real successful case studies of users and how big companies today are adopting the blockchain to work.


What you will learn

  • To optimize your business in a changing market.
  • Reduce costs with the use of blockchain technology.
  • To introduce the competitive advantages of faster business rivals.
  • To plan the development of the company with the technology of the blockchain.
  • To attract investment to your project, create, and expand the base of primary users, to scale the business .
  • Monitor the blockchain ecosystem.


Who is this course for?


To understand what a blockchain is and how to implement technology in your business. The largest players in the market of the blockchain become Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, Linux Foundation Chain Inc., ConsenSys, Ripple, Circle Internet Financial, BTL Group, a Digital Asset Holdings, Credits and banking consortium R3, bringing together 45 of the major financial institutions interested in learning about and implementing technology. Blockchain technology will soon become mandatory in each firm, and to enter into a transaction without the blockchain will be impossible. To change you need to prepare ahead of time.

Young professionals

To improve the competence and "pumping" of new skills. Blockchain mechanisms will be implemented in such areas as online payments, Internet of things, healthcare, registering property, and even the music industry. Little by little the blockchain will affect other industries is a matter of time. If you want to catch the train of change – book your ticket today.


To assess the potential of technologies and most promising areas. In 2015, the volume of the blockchain industry amounted to 316 million dollars, and by 2024 it will reach $ 20 billion, says the study by the research firm Transparency Market Research. Each year the blockchain-industry will grow 59%, experts say. Investment in blockchain – one of the trends of the technological market. But in order not to burn not to invest in an obviously failing project, you need to understand the technology itself, and in the blockchain industry.


To enhance professional competitiveness. Blockchain, though still relatively new has already established itself in practice: Sweden has decided to transfer the blockchain the land registry, Sberbank created a prototype system for the exchange of currencies on the basis of the blockchain technology, "Alfa-Bank" and S7 Airlines carried out the first in Russia transaction of letter of credit through the blockchain. One of the varieties of steel blockchain, smart-contracts that threaten not only to officials and notaries and other lawyers. Contracts on the blockchain will become a routine practice in law tomorrow.


For the development of advanced tools. The blockchain could become a "gold industry standard" by 2018, says the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Vadim Kulik. If you want to understand and apply these technologies, and to learn to work with this technology – welcome to Digital October.

Teacher - Alexander Ivanov

Successful entrepreneur and developer, one of the main blockchain evangelists Russia became interested in the topic in 2013. A physicist by education, Ivanov has been trading programmed stock bots based on the technology in fashion today, neural networks have not yet invested in bitcoins.

The programmer launched Coinomat – "currency exchange" bitcoin, has created a venture capital Fund with an eye on the blockchain startups and established platform Waves – similar to the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but with cryptoengine. Project Waves caused a sensation – by June 2016, Waves has attracted funding of $ 29 445 BTC, or $ 15 million.


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